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Terms and Condition

When you process this form, certify that:

* You are older than 18 years.

* It has recently been physically examined and evaluated by a physician authorized to provide medical consultations and interventions.

* You have used this drug successfully and is making this request under the supervision of a physician and has been recommended after a medical examination that the use of this drug is not harmful to your needs and medical treatment.

* He is asking this medication prescribed exclusively for personal use and not distributed or sold to third parties.

* Is herewith requesting this medication prescribed by your doctor capacity and not as a substitute for a recipe request authorized by this virtual pharmacy.

* Requesting a recipe for this drug for the treatment necessary supplies and not for the purpose of storing it in larger amounts than you need.

* I am in contact with a local doctor immediately for any necessary medical intervention if a complication or concern result in any connection with the use of a treatment order.

* This permitted by law to use the credit card that will be used if your request is approved and processed.

* You have answered and will answer all questions truthfully, for their own safety, just as you would in doctors' offices and in the care of their local doctor.

* You realizes that there are risks as well as benefits to any medication, including drugs available without prescriptions. Having been informed of possible effects, I consent to the terms.

* I declare that I know that the order will be under my name will be provided by Pharmacepticals Inc.

* This permitted by law in your area to receive the medication requested, and be responsible for the authorization of the office and for any additional tax that might arise.

* Declares that you agree with the delivery time of up to 10 days.

* Sure you want to receive monthly newsletters and any special proposal for this.

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