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Waklert reviews and testimonials

  • RB
    Russel Bardsley
    Verified review

    I think Waklert 150 started causing heart palpitations after I had COVID.

  • JS
    Jason Stainthorpe
    Verified review

    I do a job that relies heavily on security. I cannot be sleepy without significant risk to myself and others. I have taken Waklert 150 for about 2 months, I can say I don't feel as sleepy as I used to.

  • EM
    Easter Maynard
    Verified review

    Hello, boys and girls. Waklert helps. I don't get tired that fast.

  • BW
    Barrett Winchester
    Verified review

    I take Waklert and do aerobics for about 45 minutes. Yes, the drug increases the heart rate, but nothing dangerous.

  • BD
    Buster Dennell
    Verified review

    I have partial upper airway collapse during sleep, daytime sleepiness and lack of concentration. Besides, I am overweight, I smoke and drink occasionally. I started taking Waklert 150 to sleep better at night and not wake up in the morning with a headache. Now I have a pretty “normal” life, I wake up refreshed. The side effect I have is I pee ALL THE TIME. My appetite has also decreased and this is a thing that I like.

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