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Champix generic reviews and testimonials

  • FC
    Frederick Caulfield
    Verified review

    When taking Champix, motivation is important. If health does not seem to be something very important for you, then calculate how much money you could save on cigarettes in a year. That was one of my main motives.

  • CH
    Clifford Harley
    Verified review

    Everything is possible these days! I stopped smoking almost 4 months ago, and I noticed that I began to put on weight. Now I eat healthy food, my weight is 78 kg, and my blood pressure improved.

  • NW
    Nazario Wallach
    Verified review

    Hi! I'm 32. I can't even remember how many times I tried to stop smoking. I tried everything from chewing gums to sprays, patches and electronic cigarettes. They helped but nothing worked 100%, I the addiction was still there. A friend suggested we start taking Champix together, I thought it was a good idea. I don’t smoke anymore, my friend still smokes, there are 3 weeks left until the end of the treatment.

  • DS
    Dutch Skinner
    Verified review

    STRONGLY RECOMMEND this pharmacy, thanks again!

  • FT
    Freeman Terrazas
    Verified review

    This year I turned 40. Health concerns made me suddenly stop smoking. Then I started smoking again, but there was an obsessive thought that I needed to end this. I decided to try a 3-month Champix treatment. I've been taking 1 mg tablets for two months and I stopped smoking at the 3rd week. I didn’t have to face a strong nicotine withdrawal, so I didn’t give up.

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