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Champix generic reviews and testimonials

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    Alvena Deadman
    Verified review

    I'm also going to stop smoking and your comments are encouraging me. I've bought a month supply of Champix, use it for 14 days. I began to smoke no more than 5 cigarettes a day, I thought that it would be more difficult for me. If I can stop smoking, I will remember this date for the rest of my life.

  • VB
    Verna Barclay
    Verified review

    I stopped smoking in January 2022 after 17 years of cigarette smoking and 2 years of active vaping.

  • HH
    Hamid Hampton
    Verified review

    Champix is the coolest drug. Good luck on your path!

  • YM
    Yusef Michel
    Verified review

    I knew that smoking was bad, that it costs a fortune, but I didn't have enough motivation to stop smoking. At one moment, I decided to change my life and started taking Champix. The first 3 days passed quite calmly, although I expected some kind of "mental" reaction from the body. Then I said to myself: “Wow, this really works, the urge has decreased.” I thought up my own program to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. First, I stopped smoking in the car, then I stopped smoking before work and if there was less than 1 hour left before meals. I ended up smoking 6 cigarettes a day at the 3rd week. Later, I continued to follow and improve this program. Finally, I began to smoke 1 cigarette a day, and then I thought: “Why do I even need it?” I can say that I did it. I'll NEVER smoke again. My wife and I are very happy.

  • CB
    Cecily Bryan
    Verified review

    I have not touched a cigarette for 5 months, I advise Champix to everyone.

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