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Vermox generic reviews and testimonials

  • TD
    Theresa Danniel
    Verified review

    My husband and I had no side effects, my son was a little unlucky. During all three days of taking Vermox, he complained of burning and slight pain in the abdomen. The main thing is that everyone has undergone anti-parasitic cleaning.

  • BB
    Basil Butts
    Verified review

    I'm glad I was able to order Vermox online, and thanks for the fast delivery.

  • LB
    Lloyd Brittain
    Verified review

    Vermox is a universal drug with a wide spectrum of action, suitable for the elimination of all types of worms. I take it for the second time and I am satisfied with everything, I definitely recommend it.

  • BE
    Buck Easton
    Verified review

    This pharmacy is the only place where I could buy Vermox tablets online.

  • FP
    Fabiano Pletcher
    Verified review

    Do you have a problem with pinworms in your family (itchy ass)? Vermox will solve this problem. I have three children, two are in kindergarten and one is a teenager. I have known about Vermox for many years and oh yes, IT WORKS.

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