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Suhagra reviews and testimonials

  • LC
    Logan Collins
    Verified review

    I am pretty satisfied with this med and don't regret money spent. My ED is not so pronounced, so a dose of 25 mg is enough to make penis hard as metal without loss of sensitivity.

  • AC
    Albert Crowley
    Verified review

    Suhagra got me back lasting erections without being afraid of losing consciousness. The effect lasts a long time and I can get a new erection as soon as I feel sexually aroused.

  • JM
    Jordan Monaghan
    Verified review

    With Suhagra I am ready for more action! Great effect even when I use min dosage (25MG).

  • DW
    Dylan Wright
    Verified review

    It was a tragedy for me to lose erectile function at the age of 42. My libido is still normal. Suhagra was able to restore my strength. Definitely, this med is worth money spent.

  • LJ
    Lawrence Jacoby
    Verified review

    Suhagra works very well and can get good erections for 2 days after taking it. Side effects are minimal and may be caused by drinking alcohol (as it was based on my experience).

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