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Prozac generic reviews and testimonials

  • MG
    Mell Gilliam
    Verified review

    I have major depressive disorder, PTSD and a ton of anxieties. I’ve been on painkillers all my life. Unfortunately, now I have to add Prozac to the list. Well, as long as it keeps me away from certain thoughts, I can live with that. In addition, I am able to work, although I do experience lack of concentration when I’m on it.

  • TP
    Tyler Price
    Verified review

    This medication did not have an immediate effect on me. I suffer from PTSD and have troubles sleeping. I nearly quit the meds after several days, but my doctor advised me to stay on it a little longer. It just makes me tired and dizzy. I guess it does help a bit to calm me down, but not as much as I expected.

  • OD
    Oliver Davis
    Verified review

    Prozac has helped me to get rid of depression in just 2 weeks. Initially I was prescribed a 3 months course, but I’ve chosen to stop earlier. It was a little expensive, plus I feel much better.

  • WS
    William Short
    Verified review

    I never allowed myself to think that depression was an actual medical disorder. I thought it was mostly about advertising and profit. But a situation has occurred in my life, when my health was on the line. Antidepressants were instrumental in my recovery, and I am glad my mind was changed towards it, otherwise I would simply not make it out. I took Prozac on a daily basis following a facial reconstruction surgery.

  • MW
    Morgan Woods
    Verified review

    I’ve been having mild anxieties all my life. Recently, my nervousness went through the roof! What I thought was a positive change turned out to be a whole new load of responsibilities. It only took one week before I lost all my inspiration. This job opportunity, I was so after, was simply draining me. People that hired me, went from praise to smirk, and it was a finishing blow for me. There was a lot on the line, and it nearly finished me off. I’ve never used any psychoactive meds before and was kinda hoping to stay away from it altogether. This time, however, I had to crawl out of the hole, and it was Prozac that helped me.

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