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Provigil generic reviews and testimonials

  • RG
    Robert Gonzalez
    Verified review

    I have been feeling very tired, and I was also lacking willpower, and I despised talking to coworkers. They have always ridiculed me and made me do silly errands. I was bottling up it all inside for at least 2 years, before I realized It may all end very badly. I was restless and often angry at the world, and I couldn’t sleep. My friends forced me to visit a psychotherapist, and she prescribed Provigil. It calmed me down, and I was finally able to sleep and have proper rest. I was amazed at how much positive effect it had on me. If I am rested and fully awake during the day, such situations with coworkers, and what not, simply do not bother me.

  • AH
    Andrew Harris
    Verified review

    I have ADHD and insomnia. This is a miracle drug.

  • PP
    Peter Phillips
    Verified review

    I have been taking Provigil for more than 5 years. Otherwise, I would struggle in school and later on at work. Unfortunately, once I stop taking it, my narcolepsy kicks in right away.

  • AH
    Andrew H
    Verified review

    The medicine has fewer side effects for me, except for dry mouth and sometimes itchiness. Also, my appetite is much lower, it is quite similar to some stimulants in this regard. Other than that, it helps me to stop racing thoughts. Without it, I would be completely useless at anything I do.

  • MK
    Margaritalin K.
    Verified review

    Hi! At first, I though the Provigil would help me study. But it actually helps me with my sleep, and that in turn helps my studies. Best of luck to all!

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