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Modvigil reviews and testimonials

  • CA
    Caitlin Alvin
    Verified review

    I wanted to order Modvigil with delivery, but I had a few questions. The pharmacy has a professional and friendly staff.

  • CP
    Curtis Patterson
    Verified review

    I have problems with drowsiness the same as many people here have. I began with a Modvigil dose of 200 mg per day, the dose did nothing. I felt better only at the dose of 400 mg. I wake up much easier, my constant yawning has decreased by about 75%, and the best thing is that there is no longer a daily need for a lunchtime nap. I begin to feel tired and sometimes sleepy around 9 in the evening. So, I go to bed almost like a normal man.

  • DS
    Dane Sharp
    Verified review

    Hello. The drug definitely does its work very well. I have idiopathic hypersomnia, the symptoms are almost the same as with narcolepsy. I tried Modvigil two weeks ago. One 200 mg tablet a day is enough for me. The medicine changed my life.

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