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Glucophage generic reviews and testimonials

  • SC
    Siegfried Courtney
    Verified review

    I order Glucophage online for the third time, orders arrive on time. So far, there have been good results, pills are worth the money, I still use them.

  • LP
    Lucian Peacock
    Verified review

    I bought Glucophage to control blood sugar levels. Great online service, fast delivery and a good medicine, thanks.

  • ED
    Emil Dupuy
    Verified review

    This drug made my life better. I take 850 mg pills three time a day. Skin rashes got less frequent.

  • LL
    Lyndon Lewerenz
    Verified review

    The advantage of the treatment was that the blood sugar level, which was very high at the beginning of the treatment, decreased to a controlled level.

  • CT
    Cyril Trumbauer
    Verified review

    It irritates me when people lack elementary logic and critical thinking. Why if Glucophage causes side effects in some people, they say that no one should take this drug. My only brother has taken Glucophage for 5 years and this is not the biggest problem in his life. His blood sugar level is under control and that's the main thing. If you have side effects, reduce the dose or change the drug.

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