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Aralen generic reviews and testimonials

  • GG
    Glenna Gibb
    Verified review

    I had severe symptoms of Covid. Probably it was due to my being overweight and having high blood pressure. I took 5 doses of Aralen in 5 days, the difference was huge. I was still coughing a little, but could already breathe normally, and all body pains subsided. I had no noticeable side effects. I'm very glad I could recover.

  • HS
    Hector Sinclair
    Verified review

    In February, I felt sick, lost my sense of smell and had other noticeable symptoms. Express test gave a positive result for covid-19. I began to take Aralen and got better within the next 48 hours. The drug caused vomiting and stomach discomfort. But if I am ever again diagnosed with covid, I will definitely use Aralen.

  • PS
    Pascal Schmid
    Verified review

    I had Covid and serious breathing problems, I was very dizzy and nauseous. I felt a difference after the third dose of Aralen. Today it is my first day without Aralen, I am almost fine, only feel weak.

  • CR
    Corbin Remington
    Verified review

    It's my second purchase here. I ordered Aralen 250 mg with home delivery two weeks ago. The best ratio of price and quality. Good customer service!

  • HT
    Hugues Tamboia
    Verified review

    I've just taken the 5th dose of the 7-day treatment, and I feel great. Sometimes I have a stomach pain that disappears in about an hour. But It's much better than feeling like you can't breathe.

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