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Modafinil reviews and testimonials

  • SR
    Stephen Reilly
    Verified review

    I had difficulties falling asleep and some ADD related symptoms. My interactions with my family were always difficult. I can not stand the way they try to force my opinion. I’ve been on Ritalin and Adderall, and experimented with some amphetamine derivatives and some street drugs. But it only leads to cravings and addiction. I’ve found info about Modafinil online and gave it a try. The effect was like magic. I would not describe the effect of it as being high, but rather as being normal. I am finally able to calmly talk to my parents without being irritated.

  • BS
    Beborah S
    Verified review

    I began taking Modafinil for narcolepsy, and it was also suggested to me as an alternative for ADHD.It helps me to remain active through the day. But I noticed that higher doses always cause unpleasant irritability and muscle strain.

  • DM
    Deborah Moore
    Verified review

    Modafinil is a life-saver! I quickly develop tolerance to most antidepressants. This drug, however, does not cause addiction! I have been on it for 1 month and had no complications is not even an antidepressant!

  • JC
    Jacob Campbell
    Verified review

    I’ve used Modafinil for 6 months. I have experienced less fatigue, as it improved my sleep. Also, it seems to improve social interactions. I have to admit, my attitude has acquired a much more positive overtone when I am rested and energized.

  • EF
    Edward Forbes
    Verified review

    I take 200 mg Modafinil once a day during work hours only. Otherwise, I can not focus. Some side effects but nothing too alarming.

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